Welcome to the city that forgot to stay clean!

Distinct Poplar is a magical place where people's hopes, fears, and desires can have detrimental consequences if not properly kept in check. Wishing harm on your neighbor may accidentally activate some strange curse, creature, or magical complication thats been buried deep in the ground underneath the city. Rotting away and waiting for its chance to be called forth or found.

For you see, Distinct Poplar is a city built upon what is effectively the worlds first and only magical landfill. Long ago, in ancient times, they gathered up all of the strange and wonderful things and buried them away hoping the world would never find them. Special items, dangerous creatures, unexplainable phenomenon - all of it discarded like garbage and left to rot for the entirety of the Time Untold...

Distinct Poplar is a unique storybook city come to life in the modern era of a dark fantasy world. Amid the pollution, the over-population, and crime, Distinct Poplar hosts a magical element as well that subtly sits on the periphery of every day city living.

Some say that Distinct Poplar looks like a fairy tale kingdom covered in filth. Where it's citizens practically live on top of one another, sharing in each other's hardships, and always keeping an eye out for the dark and sinister things waiting just around the corner.

Here you will find six-legged rat creatures, ancient monsters waiting in haunted houses just down the street, and special masks of power that can only be worn on the same day of each and every year. In Distinct Poplar, one would do well to be wary of the monsters in the sewer, the special interest of strange and nefarious neighbors, and the urban jungle called, The Iestyns that would trap you within it forever.

Despite the darkness of Distinct Poplar, many of it's citizens live their life as bright, shining beacons of hope. Some are adults who can't remain blind any longer to the real dangers of their city. Most, however, are kids just like you, who for some reason seem to find themselves at the center of Distinct Poplar's subtly magical underbelly. 

Sometimes a kid's gotta take things into their own hands - if they want to survive in this stinking city.