My Very Strange Neighbor And My Very Unsightly Back


In this disgusting short story of modern storybook horror; a teenager relates the terrifyingly odd events transpiring in their filthy apartment building. One neighbor in particular has taken a seemingly sinister interest in them, and the unrest suffered from a growing tumor in the teenager's back. Is the creepy neighbor the cause or the cure to this mutation, and will the the main character survive to find out whats befallen them? Find out what happens in this unsettling tall tale set in a fairy tale city with a truly dark and sinister edge.

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The Way The City Was Named

An annual holiday play tells the story of the city’s unique and quizzical name, Distinct Poplar. 12 angry councilmen, a dancing king with finger-guns, and a lone woman with a very large book are the characters for this in-story stage production. Unfurl the backdrops, pull the demolishers out of the mothballs, and get the understudies ready for impromptu injuries. It’s time to find out; How The City Was Named!

This Is What Happens on Iestyn Street (When Nobody Else Is Around)


There are several unexplained occurrences on Iestyn street. From the hour of four one zero to the hour of five fifteen. Thats when all traffic seems to stop. No cars on smooth black pavement and no shoes on broken concrete. It's as if the business day disappears, suddenly, and the residents take a break from busy lives.