Special Masks

There are some exceptionally special masks that can be seen on The Day of Masks:

In addition to the elaborate mundane masks that the people of the city spend months in advance crafting for this very special day. There are also many magical masks that make themselves known primarily on The Day of Masks.

The Name-Face Collector, (was mentioned previously here)

The Ghastly Tongue of Flame 

The Ghastly Tongue of Flame 

The Ghastly Tongue of Flame (the power of fire breathing), is a mask that enables the wearer to temporarily breathe fire. The long garnish tongue of the mask wraps itself around the wearers neck like a scarf. Fueled by the hate within the wearer, this mask sticks around just as long as the fire within burns it’s absolute brightest. When the anger begins to subside, the fire breath starts to diminish in it’s potency until ultimately the mask falls foo the wearer’s face and becomes misplaced. Misplaced in the way that things often are in The City That Forgot To Stay Clean. Once this happens, the Ghastly Tongue of Flame does not reappear until the next Day of Masks in one full year.

The Old Silver Face (the power of light manipulation), has a sheen and polished surface of metal that picks up the light and can refocus it according to how the mask wearer positions their face and head. By concentrating the mask wearer may use The Old Silver Face to gather up some, most, or all of the light in a room. Surrounding witnesses to this act will note that their surroundings begin to darken, that pools of shadow (should they be present) begin to stretch and deepen. All ambient illumination seems to find it’s way to The Old Silver Face. 

The Masks of Teeth (the power of non-detection), special masks may be crafted or assembled for The Day of Masks. One such example is The Masks of Teeth, which can be worked upon all year and then activated on the special holiday with a complex ritual.

Not all masks of teeth are made from actual teeth, though the best ones are. It takes actual teeth to get the most out of ones own self made mask of teeth. To unlock all of it’s potential. In fact the best teeth to use for ones mask are the lost and missing kind. Wether they have been pulled or the teeth that have fallen out. Teeth detached from skulls have a special gift for the wearer as the older the better. Which is a rule across the board in the city of Distinct Poplar.

It doesn’t have to be human teeth, that is a common misconception. Animal teeth are just as potent, and in fact-some of the best Masks of Teeth have been made from all sorts of animal teeth. Though the scariest varieties come from teeth that cannot be identified.