The Masks Of Teeth

Special masks may be crafted assembled for the day of masks (we first learned about that in last week’s city blog). One such example are the Masks of Teeth, which can be worked upon all year and then activated on the special day with a ritual.

Not all Masks of Teeth are made from actual teeth, thats a common misconception, though the best ones are. It takes actual teeth to get the most out of ones own self made Mask of Teeth. To unlock all of it’s potential. In fact the best teeth to use for ones mask are lost and missing teeth. Wether they have been pulled or the teeth have fallen out. Teeth detached from skulls have a special gift for the wearer, as the older the better, which is a rule across the board in Distinct Poplar.

But it doesn't have to be human teeth, that is another common misconception. Animal teeth are just as potent, and in fact some of the best Masks of Teeth have been made from all sorts of animal teeth. Though the scariest varieties come from teeth that cannot be identified.

Like I said, it doesn't have to be made from actual teeth either. Fake teeth make a Mask of Teeth that will get the job done, in most cases. They just have to look like teeth. They could be made from wood, stone, plastic, or even bone. Really any substance will do. The reason for this is the ritual used on The Day of Masks, which grants powers to the mask itself and thusly to the one who will be wearing it. And you would be wise to wear your Mask of Teeth as often as you can within the allotted period of time after the ritual. For a mask of teeth is granted its power for a set number of days and within that time the wearer has free reign to use them. Masks of fake teeth last the least amount of time, thats one of the reasons to make one of the genuine articles. When your mask crumbles, or if it’s damaged, then you will know that the time is up and the power of the mask is gone. 

What is the power of the Masks of Teeth? Well, it grants the wearer the ability to be unnoticeable, unremarkable, forgettable, but not invisible. When the wearer dons the mask, they are able to interact with almost anyone and walk away as an individual that the speaker cant quite remember, describe, or recall. All they remember is that there was in fact an interaction and the individual was present. Otherwise details, such as gender, height, weight, skin color, eyes, hair, clothes that they wore…none of it can be recalled. Even recording technology malfunctions in the presence of a Mask of Teeth. Magical or supernatural effects suffer the same fate when attempting to recognize the wearer of a Mask of Teeth. Well, I should say a real Mask of Teeth. This is where that distinction comes in.

The lesser power of a Mask of Teeth made from fake teeth. First and most important; technology can detect the wearer of a fake mask, same with the powers that reside outside of normal reality. Though the evidence or record of the event is corrupted. What this means is that a video reveals a blurry image, and a supernatural power or effect shows an empty space in reality, where the fake mask wearer should be. A real Mask of Teeth makes the wearer completely invisible to such means, thats the big difference - you see. Or, what I suppose I mean is, you don’t see. Anyways, an audio recording suffers a similar result, and so does the power to listen remotely on other’s conversations. In this case, a fake mask produces a distorted voice, whereas a real one produces nothing. Also, those who interact with a fake mask wearer are able to remember a few basic details about the wearer. Such as gender, should that be noticeable normally. Also, whether or not the person was; short, tall, thin, or heavy set. Also, fake masks tend lose their powers quicker, a matter of hours, lets say, in comparison to a real mask. Which retains it’s supernatural effects for days.

When encountering someone wearing a Mask of Teeth, whether real or fake, you don’t see a person who is wearing a mask. Nobody does. What you think you see, is an average face with details that seem incredibly normal, and are easily forgotten. You just can’t seem to recall what the individual looked like…Which I might add doesn’t seem strange to you at all.