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The scary-crazy-confusing railway system high above our heads.

If you need to get somewhere in The City That Forgot To Stay Clean, you may not want to take public transit. I think this goes without saying, don't you? As all one needs for their proof is to look up at the scary-crazy-confusing railway system high above our heads. Well, that is, on a good pollution day. Because lets face it, if there were a fifty point scale for pollution in Distinct Poplar. Today we be at one hundred and eleven.

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The History of Almer’s Way

Towering above him, an image struck in bronze and overcome with streaks and splotches of patina like the stripes of a tiger, was Almer himself. Known to his progeny as a great explorer, a defender, a visionary. Thats how they thought of him here, in this tiny neighborhood in this backwards city that forgot to stay clean. Here, in Disitinct Poplar, Nelbin knew that nobody cared about Almer, everywhere else. But where Nelbin came from, Almer was looked upon quite differently.

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That Homeless

This modern fairytale tells the story of a city neighborhood called Almer’s Way and the strange sickness that has claimed half of it’s residents. Arriving in the form of a noxious cloud that envelopes the neighborhood, the people of Almer’s Way find themselves cut off from the rest of the city—with no way out. The only solution to these events seems to be a mute vagabond and the boy who heralds his unique story. They call him, That Homeless and his role to play starts with a haunted house, a monster, and a strange curse. Find out what happens in this short story of dark storybook fantasy and the magical modern marvel that is the city of Distinct Poplar.

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