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The Day of Masks (Part 1)

A day in Distinct Poplar where people wear a mask all day. Everyone does; adults who go to work, kids in school, even people on TV! There are even special masks that only appear on this strange holiday, and some say they posses magical powers.

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Buggskugg is a teenage kid with no family and no friends to speak of. He lives in a dumpster outside of the neighborhood grocery store and eats bugs to keep bullies at bay. When bad things start happening around the neighborhood, Buggksugg is the first to be blamed forcing him to retreat to the sewers which sparks a life changing adventure. 

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The Cat That Eats Laughter

Theres a new cat out in the neighborhood, a cat who stalks children, and only The Handsome Boy can save his nephew, Lil Ampersand from falling into the cat's clutches!

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