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The Cat That Eats Laughter

Theres a new cat out in the neighborhood, a cat who stalks children, and only The Handsome Boy can save his nephew, Lil Ampersand from falling into the cat's clutches!

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This is what happens on Iestyn street (when no one else is around)

This is what happens on Iestyn street, when no one else is around. Not Iestyn avenue, or Iestyn circle, not Iestyn drive or Iestyn parkway. Iestyn street, I-E S-T Y-N ST-R-eet. In olde foote town, across from the warehouse, where apples are drawn and delivered and peeled by strange mechanical devices. By the thousands each day, thats the place where they can make a city’s worth of sweet, warm applecrisp. Where tall chimney stacks thrust upwards, and trails of thick white smoke lazily fills the sky. Thats why Iestyn street smells of old gym socks and wholesome baked cinnamon. Why the men who live there grow long black mustaches, and the women have cold feet.

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The Way The City Was Named

An annual holiday play tells the story of the city’s unique and quizzical name, Distinct Poplar. 12 angry councilmen, a dancing king with finger-guns, and a lone woman with a very large book are the characters for this in-story stage production. Unfurl the backdrops, pull the demolishers out of the mothballs, and get the understudies ready for impromptu injuries. It’s time to find out; How The City Was Named!

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