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The Day of Masks (Part 2)

Eventually every neighborhood had their very own Day of Masks. They celebrated with elaborate parades and ghastly looking parade floats. These things were originally designed to be menacing, bright and colorful, but in an off-putting and gaudy kind of way. The messed up idea being, that the newcomers to the neighborhood would see them and get scared. Childish I know, but you should see these things! 

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The Day of Masks (Part 1)

A day in Distinct Poplar where people wear a mask all day. Everyone does; adults who go to work, kids in school, even people on TV! There are even special masks that only appear on this strange holiday, and some say they posses magical powers.

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The scary-crazy-confusing railway system high above our heads.

If you need to get somewhere in The City That Forgot To Stay Clean, you may not want to take public transit. I think this goes without saying, don't you? As all one needs for their proof is to look up at the scary-crazy-confusing railway system high above our heads. Well, that is, on a good pollution day. Because lets face it, if there were a fifty point scale for pollution in Distinct Poplar. Today we be at one hundred and eleven.

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The Very Small and Often Awkward Living Arrangements of Most People

So my family once rented this place up in Pars Piece, where the windows were always closed and the blinds were always drawn. Where the walls were like soft wood that buckled and bent. Where the floors were checkered and dizzying to look upon. Where the knick-knacks and the furniture moved ever so slightly when not paying attention.

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Some people say you can hear stuff comin’ out of the pipes

Some people say you can hear stuff comin’ out of the pipes. It happens in older apartment buildings, and it’s not an issue with the plumbing (that is it’s own separate problem). Apartment dwellers swear by it, but lets face facts, apartment dwellers swear by a lot of things. Sinking floors, shifting walls, lights that turn themselves off, and crawl spaces that seemingly go nowhere. 

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