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The Masks Of Teeth

Not all Masks of Teeth are made from actual teeth, thats a common misconception, though the best ones are. It takes actual teeth to get the most out of ones own self made Mask of Teeth. To unlock all of it’s potential. In fact the best teeth to use for ones mask are lost and missing teeth. Wether they have been pulled or the teeth have fallen out. Teeth detached from skulls have a special gift for the wearer, as the older the better, which is a rule across the board in Distinct Poplar.

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Special Masks

There are some exceptionally special masks that can be seen on The Day of Masks:

In addition to the elaborate mundane masks that the people of the city spend months in advance crafting for this very special day. There are also many magical masks that make themselves known primarily on The Day of Masks.

The Ghastly Tongue of Flame (the power of fire breathing), is a mask that enables the wearer to temporarily breathe fire. The long garnish tongue of the mask wraps itself around the wearers neck like a scarf. Fueled by the hate within the wearer, this mask sticks around just as long as the fire within burns it’s absolute brightest. When the anger begins to subside, the fire breath starts to diminish in it’s potency until ultimately the mask falls foo the wearer’s face and becomes misplaced. Misplaced in the way that things often are in The City That Forgot To Stay Clean. Once this happens, the Ghastly Tongue of Flame does not reappear until the next Day of Masks in one full year.

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The Day of Masks (Part 2)

Eventually every neighborhood had their very own Day of Masks. They celebrated with elaborate parades and ghastly looking parade floats. These things were originally designed to be menacing, bright and colorful, but in an off-putting and gaudy kind of way. The messed up idea being, that the newcomers to the neighborhood would see them and get scared. Childish I know, but you should see these things! 

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The Day of Masks (Part 1)

A day in Distinct Poplar where people wear a mask all day. Everyone does; adults who go to work, kids in school, even people on TV! There are even special masks that only appear on this strange holiday, and some say they posses magical powers.

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The Giant Red Head

Somewhere in the city there is a giant red head. A giant red head that they constructed to create the gunk.

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The Fairy That Delivers Them Days

There lived a fairy that delivered them days of the week. How she did this or why is irrelevant, the logistics are not important. What is important is that she did in fact exist...or that she didn't. Nobody knows for sure, but people who live in this city are fairly certain. Certain that she did or that she didn't, it really depends on who you talk to.

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The Very Small and Often Awkward Living Arrangements of Most People

So my family once rented this place up in Pars Piece, where the windows were always closed and the blinds were always drawn. Where the walls were like soft wood that buckled and bent. Where the floors were checkered and dizzying to look upon. Where the knick-knacks and the furniture moved ever so slightly when not paying attention.

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The Cat That Eats Laughter

Theres a new cat out in the neighborhood, a cat who stalks children, and only The Handsome Boy can save his nephew, Lil Ampersand from falling into the cat's clutches!

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The History of Almer’s Way

Towering above him, an image struck in bronze and overcome with streaks and splotches of patina like the stripes of a tiger, was Almer himself. Known to his progeny as a great explorer, a defender, a visionary. Thats how they thought of him here, in this tiny neighborhood in this backwards city that forgot to stay clean. Here, in Disitinct Poplar, Nelbin knew that nobody cared about Almer, everywhere else. But where Nelbin came from, Almer was looked upon quite differently.

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